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What's New

We've revamped the DOD SBIR/STTR Small Business Portal to create a more navigable user experience with additional resources, better tools, and an updated look.

The new website helps visitors:

  • Understand the features and benefits of SBIR/STTR program
  • Find topics and become informed of the Announcement and submission process
  • Begin the submission process

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the redesigned SBIR/STTR website, its new layout, and features. To maintain an agreeable user experience, the DOD SBIR/STTR Small Business Portal will be updated on a continuous basis.

DOD BAA/Solicitation Changes:

Attention to all small businesses and potential proposers!

The SBIR/STTR Broad Agency Announcements closing time has CHANGED to better serve the needs of the proposers. The Department of Defense agreed to extend the BAA closing time to give the maximum amount of time for small businesses to adequately complete their proposals. The closing time has been pushed from 6:00 a.m. ET to 8:00 p.m. ET on the closing day. This change will apply to the upcoming SBIR 18.3 and STTR 18.C, as well as to all BAAs thereafter.

Please refer to the full SBIR 20.1 and STTR 20.A schedule below:

SBIR Pre-Release Begins on December 10, 2019
Announcement Opens on January 14, 2020
SITIS Closes to New Questions on January 29, 2020
Announcement Closes on February 12, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. ET

New Features
  1. Fraud, Waste and Abuse is a new feature on the Cover Sheet as Volume 6. This feature will allow for the firm to review and complete the training for Fraud, Waste and Abuse and have the ability to both generate and download/print a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate will be valid for 12 months.
  2. Supporting Documents is a new feature on the Cover Sheet as Volume 5. This feature will enable the uploading of specific supporting documents and letters of support applicable to the program in which a firm is submitting a proposal for SBIR and/or STTR.

  3. Phase II Enhancement is a new feature that allows a firm with an awarded Phase II to submit an application for additional Phase II SBIR funding if the company can match the additional SBIR/STTR funds with non-SBIR/non-STTR funds from DOD acquisition programs or from the private sector.

  4. Reminder: The process for editing and submitting your proposal. Phase I Proposals must be withdrawn to be modified after submission and then re-submitted prior to the announcement close. Similarly, you can delete a non-submitted proposal at any time prior to the announcement close by withdrawing it. Withdrawing a proposal will change the status from ‘submitted’ to ‘in progress’ and will remove your proposal from consideration. Entries that have been deleted will not be available for recovery, so please make sure that you are certain you want to delete the proposal before doing so.

    You will not be able to withdraw or delete a submitted proposal after the Announcement closes.

  5. Reminder: The submission process is also different. When you are finished filling out your proposal, navigate to Step 6 (the Submit tab) and click the green “Submit Proposal” button in order to submit your proposal. (If you need to modify or delete your submitted proposal, please see previous feature).
  6. A firm is required to include their SBC ID number when either creating or joining a firm. You will not be able to submit a proposal without this identifying number.
  7. Training videos and related PDF’s are posted on the portal as a selection within the Help tab on the global navigation bar.
  8. FAQs have been updated to include sections for both Supporting Documents and Phase II Enhancements.
  9. There is an updated process for starting a new Phase II with additional helper text.

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